A new breed of 
marketing professionals

Highly skilled, value-driven and focused on growth. Say hello to the team. Whether it be in training new skill sets, or trying something they haven’t done before, our team is ambitious, always ready to take on new challenges and push beyond the status quo to deliver innovative solutions that drive growth.

It’s your team

We work alongside you as a client, not just for you. This is critical in our collaboration. We’re not a supplier, but an extension of your team. We believe our clients already have a good understanding of their goals and our role is to turn their ideas into a clear roadmap and deliverables. Through collaboration and shared ownership, we develop effective strategies that we can execute seamlessly.

Group 612

It’s our team

We take great pride in our company culture. Respecting personal boundaries and preferences, whilst also coming together, collaborating and always being honest with each other. 
While our drive to deliver results can be intense, we take pride in our youth-mindset, ambition, and focus on growth, both for our clients and ourselves. 
Our approach is balanced, combining process and procedures with inspiration and spontaneity, to achieve the best possible outcomes. 
We understand that we're not for everyone, and that's okay.

Group 608

Beyond people,planet
and profit

Growth, but not at all cost. Sustainability is part of our core values. As a business, we have a responsibility to make sure that what we do has a positive impact on people, planet and our bottomline. We’re convinced    that we’re in an “and this” paradigm, not an “or this”. 
We are proud to work for clients that are actively not destroying the environment and focus on a decent work-environment. 



idiom slash

“To create a significant impression.”

Success comes to those willing to MakeWaves.

Meet the Wavemakers

  • Group 611

    Andras Vandersteen
    CEO - Customer Success

  • Group 612-1

    Christophe De Ruyter
    Head of Operations

  • Group 610-1

    Kaj Vermeiren
    Head of Growth

  • Group 609

    Michelle Debeucklaere
    Growth Strategist

  • Group 617-2

    Daan Proost
    Growth Strategist

  • Group 607

    Nathan Cristiaensen
    Web Technologist

  • Group 618-2

    Thibault Van Achter
    Design producer

  • Group 8

    Julie Mestdag
    Growth marketeer


  • Group 6

    Luba Zaritskaia
    Head of marketing